Code of Conduct

“But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do;”
– 1 Peter 1:15

The Code of Christian Conduct of ThailandNow

We, the Board Members, and all serving nationally or cross-culturally with Thailand Now, commit ourselves to a standard of conduct which will bring honor and glory to God. We commit ourselves to live according to the Code of Christian Conduct of Thailand Now.

This Code of Christian Conduct gives guidance about what practices are supported and what practices are not condoned. The Holy Bible is the ultimate authority on all spiritual matters, and our Code of Christian Conduct is based upon the teachings of the Holy Bible.

This Code of Christian Conduct is not exhaustive and does not foresee every set of circumstances that may arise, but instead is a guide to what is appropriate conduct.

We commit ourselves to:

  1. Conduct ourselves at all times in a manner that honors God and His Church.
  2. Endeavor to conduct all personal relations and social media use in a Godly manner, acting with respect, love, integrity, and truthfulness toward everyone, irrespective of their race, gender, nationality, economic status, or religion.
  3. Conduct ourselves with full integrity, transparency, and disclosure on financial matters concerning the mission. We will keep accurate and up-to-date records and accounts of all mission funds. Our mission financial books and receipts are open to inspection by all upon request.
  4. Conduct ourselves with sexual fidelity as taught in the Holy Bible. Sex is a gift of God reserved exclusively for a marriage relationship of one man and one woman.
  5. Actively promote a safe environment where physical and verbal abuse, and sexual harassment, is neither tolerated nor able to take place. These include:
    • Unwelcome or inappropriate physical contact;
    • Unjustified or unnecessary comments about a person’s physical attributes or abilities;
    • Unwelcome sexual comments;
    • Unwarranted shouting and intimidation.
  6. Never publicly or in social media criticize or shame the Thai government or the Thai royal family.

Our Code of Mission Contextual Conduct

The Code of Mission Contextual Conduct applies to all who are serving nationally, cross-culturally, interns, and volunteers with Thailand Now.

As people serving nationally or cross-culturally with Thailand Now, we commit ourselves to:

  1. Abstain from the use of alcohol and tobacco, or any other practice which will make confusion and may cause harm to the Thai churches and organizations;
  2. Not undermine the ministry of Thai Christian pastors and leaders by:
    • Publicly teaching and preaching in ways that contradict the beliefs of the local Thai Christian leader (we may speak privately with the Thai Christian leaders, so as not to undermine them);
    • Speaking against the Thai pastor or Christian leader to their parishioners or clients;
  3. Respect the authority of Thai Christian leaders over their ministries;
  4. Obey the laws of Thailand, never publicly or in social media criticizing or shaming the Thai government or the Thai royal family;
  5. Do good and do no harm through our use of social media through the following practices:
    • We will refrain from any use of social media that would bring criticism or shame on the people we serve or on Thailand Now or the Thai churches and organizations with whom we work;
    • We will not use social media as a means of political activism, both in Thailand and in the United States;
    • All of our social media posts will be in the spirit of love.

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