Abundant Life Financial Training

Gaining Financial Freedom Together

The Abundant Life Financial Program provides leader training

and Biblically-based resources, to establish church-based savings groups

and build financial management skills.


  1. Why is there a need for such a program?

    Debt is a destructive problem for many. It destroys peace, and makes families fragile. This results in greater limitations to opportunities for the next generation, and increased vulnerability.

    Alternatively, we learn from God’s Word that He desires His children to be free from the slavery of debt. We learn that putting Him first in our finances is the first step to freedom. Then, by applying Biblical principles, participants in the Abundant Life Financial Training Program learn how to establish and maintain an emergency fund, become free from debt, and strengthen their financial stability.

    Applying Biblical wisdom to finances brings change – and hope. Also, as families grow in their financial strength, they are excited by how they can serve the Lord – and bless others – through greater generosity.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity,
and she laughs without fear of the future.”
– Proverbs 31:25

  1. Why do Abundant Life Savings Groups meet weekly?

    Abundant Life Savings Groups meet weekly to:
    • Develop “Savings Muscle,” by saving money together, so each family can establish an emergency fund and begin to get out of debt.

    • Learn and practice family budgeting skills to develop their families and make them financially secure.

    • Encourage one another to stay on track with goals.

    • learn and practice small business management skills, so they can grow their family businesses to earn more income.

  1. Do members of Abundant Life Church-Based Savings Groups practice lending and borrowing within the group?

    No. There is no lending or borrowing in Abundant Life Church-Based Savings Groups. This is a different model than many programs, but we believe it is essential, especially in this context.

    By eliminating borrowing and lending within the savings group, the Abundant Life Program:

    1) Avoids causing headaches to pastors and broken relationships within local churches, which can occure when people borrow and do not repay. Maintaining loving fellowship and unity within the body is important; it is particularly vital here, as the Christian population within Thailand is small.

    2) Strengthens members’ ability to develop ‘Savings Muscle’ – which is essential to overcoming financial problems, and to gaining financial stability.

    3)Strengthens faith in God and His Word. As savings group members reach savings goals and grow in their financial capacity, they learn to trust God even more. By this He is glorified.

  1. Why does the Abundant Life Program place an emphasis upon “Gaining Financial Freedom Together“?

    In this context, a one-day ‘Improve Your Finances’ seminar wouldn’t be able to deal with the challenges people are facing.

    The Abundant Life Financial Training Program is designed to help build financial skills and knowledge in a culturally-aware, culturally-compatible manner.

    For example, here is one factor that greatly impacts the learning of new financial patters:

    Thai culture is collectivist in nature. This means, there is an emphasis upon community, and the needs or interests of ‘the group.’ Generosity, group harmony, and being helpful are highly valued in collectivist cultures. (This contrasts with individualistic cultures, which focus more upon the rights and concerns of its individual members. Individualist cultures celebrate independence, self-reliance, and one’s personal uniqueness.)

    In collectivist cultures, change can happen more slowly. For new financial practices to become accepted, leaders need time to consider the ideas and principles, and become confident in their value, before other members will adopt new patterns.

    This is one reason the Abundant Life Financial Training provides two-prong training: First, establishing church-based savings groups, and secondly, incrementally introducing Biblically-based financial wisdom.
  • As church members gain success in developing ‘Savings Muscle’ they become more open to implementing practices that will help them gain financial freedom and strength. This includes applying Biblical wisdom and discernment to various situations, such as when family members ask them to co-sign for a loan, or to lend money that is already needed to pay the rent.

    Gaining financial freedom is contagious when people are learning and growing together. Also, as husbands and wives ‘get on the same page’ financially, greater harmony emerges within families. This is a powerful testimony to what God can do as people abide in His Word.

“Three plain rules to be faithful stewards of money”
from John Wesley’s teachings, (Sermon #50: The Use of Money )

  • 1. “Gain all you can.”
    Through diligent and honest labor, earn money via righteous, healthy means, without causing harm to self, soul, or others.

    2. “Save all you can.”
    Do not waste money on gathering costly or foolish possessions, displaying wealth, or impressing others.

    3. “Give all you can.”
    God has entrusted resources to – for His Kingdom purposes. Provide for your family what is needful and moderate; then, “do good to them that are of the household of faith,” and finally, “as you have opportunity, do good unto all men” – extending care to the poor and needy.

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